The Daily Dose

DailyDose_PosterThe Daily Dose  evolved out of my work in medical humanities– an emerging field of inquiry in which humanities and social sciences explore the enterprise of medicine. As described by the Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham, UK, the humanities “have a key role to play in analysing our expectations of medicine, and the relationship between medicine and our broader ideas of health, well-being and flourishing.” One of these critical perspectives is the historical one–and history is, after all, a narrative. Join us as we explore the connections between medicine and literature, history and health, self and story.

Interested in contributing to the Dose? Please join the conversation! We support all those who–as academics, physicians, alt-acs, independent scholars, and intrepid souls–add to our shared knowledge of medicine, literature, and the search for what it means to be human.

The Daily Dose posts are identified by the logo, and you can search the Dose using the category “daily dose at the menu.

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